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Almoravides Route (Spain & Morocco)

5 Nights in Andalucia 4 Nights in Morocco.

Spend 10 days (9 nights) traversing the eclectic nature of Islamic inquiry and culture of ancient al-Ándalus and Morocco, the heart of Maghreb history.

The trip begins in Granada, the last Muslim stronghold in Spain, with the magnificent Alhambra, a beautiful example of Islamic art in which the aesthetic element of architecture is expressed through geometric intelligence.

The next stop is Córdoba, the original Muslim capital, with historical sites such as the Great Mosque of Córdoba and Medina Zahra. We will spend the last day in Seville.

We then cross the Strait of Gibraltar and carry on driving in Morocco for eight days unveiling the mystery of more than 2000 km of imperial Morocco and its majestic Sahara.

This includes visits to historical cities such as Fez, Meknes, Marrakech, and Rabat.

There is also the unforgettable camel ride to the sand dunes and an overnight stay in the oasis. During this trip you will meet three different races of Berbers.

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Theme: History & Culture
Trip season: All year
Trip time: 9 Nights/10Days (5 Nights in Andalussia and 4 Nights in Morocco)


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Hannibal expedition (Spain & Italy)

Join us on the foot prints of Hannibal Elephants from Cartahagena (Spain) to the battle field of trasimeno lake (Italy) passing through the Alps mountain visiting also some remains of viadomitiana.

This tour of 2000 kms will ends near livourne, where on the 22nd of June 217 b.c. The great Hannibal, the Cathaginan general with his exhausted army massacred the roman army.

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Theme: History & Culture
Trip season: Summer & Fall
Trip time: 10 Nights/11Days


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