Reasons to choose a halal travel agency for your travels to Europe

10-06 2014.

Have you ever asked yourself what is a halal travel agency? Here we'll explain you all the highlights and give you 3 reasons to choose a halal travel agency when planning your holidays.


1. We only offer in our tours halal food


In Europe and Spain it’s very often to use pork and alcoholic drinks for cooking.  Usually, non-muslim bussines think it’s enough not using pork and employing halal meat. But it’s very important to take care too about cooking additives containing pork, like i.e. gelatin (additives with E numbering).
In Alhamratour we take care about this and we choose in each destination only restaurants which serve halal food 100% so our guests will enjoy their trip without any problem or fear.

2. Guided Tours in your language

If you travel to Europe alone or with your family, it may happen that you find yourself not able to communicate because you are not fluent with the local language. All our guides will attend you in English, Arabic, French and Spanish. And if you need any other language, just ask for it!

Our company philosophy is to offer a wide range of tourist destinations, covering eight countries in Europe and North Africa. We only offer destinations where we have been before, so we can assure a high quality service from the moment you arrive until the time of your departure.

3. We have a distinct vision of Tourism
As Muslims, we have a different vision of tourism. In Alhamratour, we believe that there is fully enjoyable halal way of travelling. And we are here to prove it.
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